Introduction of type of pcb cutting machine

The split plate machine usually refers to the PCB sub board machine, that is, the circuit board separator.

Sub machine is widely used in electronic product manufacturing industry, SMT peripheral equipment, has a certain development in the welding field, due to the traditional manual folding way there will be stress strong, serious impact on the quality of the products, so the artificial plate has basically been replaced by a board machine.

The splitting machine can be divided into the following kinds:

1, go / walk machine cutter plate type machine; 2, type 3, sub machine; cutter type machine, punching machine; 4 points; 5, laser machine; advantages and disadvantages of the above five kinds of machine:

1, the knife type plate machine / plate type sub plate machine, advantages: low cost, shortcomings: only linear sub board, there are burrs.

2, guillotine type sub board machine advantages: pure pneumatic (plant commonly used pressure can) (desktop), small volume, high power, PCB plate, aluminum plate, glass filler plate, FR4 plate can cut arbitrary width thickness, high price.

3, milling machine sub plate advantages: arbitrary shape can be sub plate, the stress is very small, cutting edge without burrs. Disadvantages: initial cost is larger.

4, stamping type sub board advantages: first investment, low cost, fast. Disadvantages: due to the need for special panels, the die is high in cost and stress at the later stage.

5, the advantages of laser sub plate: at the same time with milling machine sub plate advantages, and PCB plate differential cutting, no stress. Disadvantages: machines are expensive.

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