SMT loader and PCB Cutting Machine

SMT, surface mount technology, is currently the most popular technology and craft in the electronic assembly industry.

Smt and pcb production line equipment include SMT pick and place machine,SMT automatic labeling machine,Loader/Unloader machine, Automatic Shuttle Conveyor,Efficiient buffer machine、conveyor 、pcb cutting machine、V-cut machine、Reflow oven、Screen printer、Automatic plug-in machine、Soldering Station、Lead Wire Cutter Machine、Welding robot、Glue dispenser、solder machine 、Belt conveyor system and the  whole set smt associated equipment.

SMT smt associated equipment. has features of high assembly density, small volume and light. In common, the volume of electronic products will reduce 40% to 60%, the weight will reduce 60% to 80% after adopting SMT craft. SMT is also reliable, of high anti-vibration character.

 All sides pursue miniaturization and complete performance of electronic products, so the large-scale and high integrated IC have to apply SMT. Mass product and auto production is the current. The manufacturer should create high capacity with low cost and excellent quality to meet customers’ demand and enhance competitiveness.

Chuanyi Electronic Co., Ltd, manufactures pcb cutting machines professionally. We have kinds of pcb cutting machine targeted to different boards, and the cutting technique is mature.
Chuanyi to become the preferred partner in sourcing and supplying state-of-the-art smt production line,electronic testing systems and industrial materials in selected market segments of the electronic and electrical fields.

our extensive networks in China/Asia and Europe provide us with vital information about our customers,technological developments,product know-how,and market intelligence.

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SMT loader and PCB Cutting Machine