PCB Cutter Machine

PCB cutter machine types:

1. Hand-push pcb cutter machine

2. Feeding type pcb v-cut machine

3. Guillotine pcb separator

4. Auto pcba cutter machine

5. Multiple groups of blades pcb board cutter

6. Curve aluminum pcb separator

7. Air driven pcb depaneling machine

8. CAB maestro 4M pcba cutting tool


Application of pcb cutter machine

1. All kinds of boards with v-cut, like SMT, PCB circuit board, aluminum base board, fiber glasses and FR4 , etc.

2. PCB with stamp hole, irregular point joint board, etc


Features of pcb cutter machine

1. Designed for PCB cutting without damage to electronic parts

2. The maximum cutting length:360mm,500mm or unlimited

3. The feeding speed is adjustable according to the thickness of boards.

4. The distance between blades is adjustable

5. The pcb cutter machines fits boards with thickness from 0.2 to 5.0 mm.

6. The pcb cutter machine can be equipped with conveyor belt to send out the boards or duck with flow line.

7. Equipped with protection device, when something get into the cutting area, the device will alarm.

PCB cutter machine

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